Life with Matthew

Three years ago, we started our Healing Matthew Facebook page and created our #healingmatthew hashtag on Instagram. We were watching doctors struggle to save our son and were surrounded by concerned family and friends who waited for an update and prayed for a turn for the better. His page was an easy way to keep everyone updated at a time when we simply couldn’t call every person concerned for┬áhim.

Over time, it became the place where we shared all of the ‘big stuff’ so that our followers, now a large group of family, friends, and strangers from around the world, could rejoice with us in the good stuff and offer prayers and encouragement in the rough patches.

Now, we want to take our page to a different level. We realize that with the ever growing spectrum of special needs children, it is almost a guarantee that you know another family with a warrior child. Most people recognize that life with these children is different from life with typical children but, what most people don’t realize, is that it is easy for them to help ease the burden that those families carry.

So, in light of that, we will be sharing “Life with Matthew” moments with you all. Our hope, is that in sharing the little things, you can become more acquainted with life ‘on the inside’ and, in turn, more comfortable with helping those families. We hope that our little moments will ease the fear and allow people to see how helping with the little things can be a dramatic improvement for families like ours.

Life With Matthew #1

Life with Matthew means celebrating the small stuff!

He drank 20 mls of water today with a smile on his face. #babysteps