Matthew’s condition is not one that would have been detected by routine testing during pregnancy. We were taken by surprise when symptoms presented shortly after his birth. Consequently, we are grossly unprepared for the level of care that he requires. Luckily, our insurance has helped to tremendously lighten the financial burden that we face in continuing to care for Matthew. However, we are quickly seeing that insurance will not be enough. He requires prescription formula and medical equipment to feed him. He has 5 medications that he takes daily, and is being monitored through frequent blood work. Matthew also sees multiple specialist who monitor and care for his various needs and disabilities.

Matthew also faces a liver transplant. This means monthly visits to Washington, DC to check in with his transplant team. It will also mean large medical bills when the transplant occurs. Post transplant will see its own onslaught of bills, with a 6+ week stay in DC, tight blood work monitoring, and a long list of prescriptions.

If you feel led to donate money to Matthew, please know these three things:

1. Every penny will go to caring for Matthew, whether that be to pay a doctors visit copay or coinsurance, or for the gas required to drive to DC.

2. Every penny counts. I know it is said often, but it is true. If every person who likes his facebook page gave $1 we could eliminate a small pile of bills or pay for a month’s worth of specialist copays. There truly isn’t an amount too small.

3.You have two methods available to you. You can donate directly to us through PayPal. This money will go into “Matthews Checking Account”. All checks written from this account go to doctors bills and supplies needed to care for him. We anticipate having a long period of unpaid leave time when his liver comes available. Money in this account will be used to help pay for utility and mortgage bills only. You can also donate through HelpHopeLive. Money donated to this nonprofit organization goes into a regional fund. We then request money donated in Matthew’s honor from HelpHopeLive and they distribute the funds as needed. This route allows your donation to be tax deductible and anonymous. It also allows you to rest easy in knowing that your hard earned money isn’t being spent on steak dinners.

To donate via Help Hope Live, click here.

To donate directly to the family, click here:

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