The Big Picture

Are there any photography fans out there? I am by no means a professional, but I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of beautiful things; ie: nature and my children. In high school and college, I took a camera along on our many mountain hike adventures. I didn’t have a zoom lens, but I tried to take close ups of the moss and flowers, but my favorite thing to photograph was the view from the top of the mountain. Climbing out from the trees, rounding a corner, and Bam! The most breathtaking image of God’s creation. I used to take a lot of pictures on the tops of those mountains. None of them ever quite did justice to the actual view though. Anyone else have this problem? It’s very difficult to get a picture to match up to the feelings experienced when you have the full view in front of you.

Does that make the picture any less beautiful? Not really. It just didn’t match up to the full panoramic.

I think, sometimes, we are too busy stepping back and looking at life with all of creation behind our tiny frame. Sometimes we need to take a step forward and limit our view to the frame in front of us. There are a lot of special needs kids out there in the world. A lot of kids with Cerebral Palsy. A handful of kids with Urea Cycle Disorders. An even smaller handful of kids with OTC Deficiency. Every single one of those kids lives within their own beautiful frame. Every single human being lives within their own beautiful frame. Each working their hardest to experience the beauty of their world; to stretch themselves and be everything that they can be. Sometimes our frames overlap with another. But, this isn’t Hogworts. We don’t get to hop between picture frames.

It’s good to dream big. It’s great to have goals. It’s a lovely gesture to want to encourage each other. However, let’s make an effort to zoom in and look at another’s picture frame. Make sure we aren’t putting unrealistic expectations on each other. Make sure you aren’t putting unrealistic expectations on God! Don’t get me wrong. God can move mountains. I absolutely believe that if He wanted to put the Blue Ridge Mountains in Africa, He could and would. But that doesn’t mean that He wants to. Believing that He can do something and expecting Him to do what isn’t His will are different things.

If it is God’s will for Matthew to walk, then he will. But, I try to stay within Matthew’s picture frame. I try to stay zoomed in and see the amazing work that has already been done in his life. This kid wasn’t supposed to be able to breathe on his own! It’s a pretty amazing work that he’s not hooked up to a machine right now. It’s a pretty amazing work that he understands what I’m saying and can willfully look at a card to tell me what he wants. It’s a pretty amazing work that he can push a button, roll over onto his back, turn himself around, make sounds, that he ever ate by bottle, or sits for 30 precious seconds unassisted. Every smile. Every laugh. Every day. They are all examples of an amazing work that God has done in his life.

Van Gogh is nothing like Mondrian. Matthew is nothing like the other OTC kids. He’s nothing like his sisters. He is his own beautiful artwork, as is every other individual out there.

Stop comparing. Stop expecting. Zoom in and look at the beauty within your picture frame.

For you are His Masterpiece. ~Ephesians 2:10


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