Tornado Tango

I left an appointment the other day, with my mind spinning with information, the doctor’s concerned, and the list of doctors that I needed to make an appointment with. It hit me. Our lives are like we are dancing with a tornado. There is a massive storm spinning on our horizon. Every once I a while, it dances in and takes us for a spin, then dances back out, keeping us constantly aware of its presence with it damaging winds. 

It feels like we just finished dancing with this storm. We haven’t even had a chance to patch the roof and clean up the debris. Yet, here comes that tornado, eager to take us for another spin.

Less than 24 hours from this realization, we find ourselves admitted to the hospital, clinging to generous friends to distract our girls, and wondering how we are going to survive another PICU stay; how Rusty is going to be able to keep his job if he tries to take more time off. 

Matthew has had progressively worsening trouble breathing over the last month. Yesterday his pediatrician says she’s concerned his body can’t sustain it for much longer. So off to the ER we go. We are currently in the PICU, waiting for room in there OR, so that the ENT can do some exploring and try to find the root of the problem. It could be an easy fix. It could be an invasive fix. We just don’t know and noone wants to make a guess.

I’m ready for this tornado to duck out of town for a while. We could really use the time to rebuild.


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