The Rocking Chair

I’m in Matthew’s room, packing for a weekend trip. Erynn has been following me around the house chatting away with excitement about our weekend. But now she is quietly sitting in Matthew’s rocking chair and is quiet. 

And then she says, “I hope I get to rock a baby to sleep some day.”

I think I told her something simple like “maybe”, or “it’s a possibility”, or “hopefully”. 

But then I started thinking about it. Erynn is a carrier of OTC. Just like Ruth. Just like me. It’s entirely possible that she may not; that she has bitter sweet moments to rock her own OTC baby; or, that she has babies that aren’t carriers and are at no risk of devastating ammonia spikes. 

The science is there. Or, at least on the horizon. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie and for many people, it’s a terrifying idea. But for me, it’s a giant bright, shiny beacon of hope. A hope that someday it will be possible and acceptable for doctors to remove the OTC gene and replace it with DNA that codes for a functioning urea cycle.

Is it playing God? Maybe. But I believe that God gave those scientist and doctors the knowledge and the skills to create these tools. I believe that God uses them to save a family from heartache and uncertainty.

I hope that some day both of my girls can fearlessly have children and spend the wee hours of the morning peacefully rocking their babies to sleep.

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