Matthew being happy

As many of you know, Matthew has two older sisters. Many people don’t  realize, however, how narrowly Matthew escaped sharing his birthday with one of them. Yesterday, May 28th, we celebrated big sister Ruth’s fourth birthday. Today we celebrate Matthew’s second birthday. For a moment, though, I would like to take a break from our…
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Before having kids, I knew that my children would not have a pacifier. I hated the things. I could rattle off a list of everything wrong with them.

But then I had Erynn, and she really liked her paci. It was a handy little thing for getting from point a to point b when she was tired, or for helping her settle in the middle of the night when her tummy was full but her mind was still going. It became a problem that we finally had to tackle when she was about two and a half. History repeated itself when Ruth came along. Both of those girls loved their paci. Ruth carried the thing around with her (and drove me crazy)!

As usual, though, Matthew broke the rules. He would take a paci, but he didn’t really care for it either way. Except, we needed him to take a paci. It reinforces the skills he needs for bottle feeding and strengthens muscles that will help reduce his reflux.

Never one to make things easy, Matthew did that whole vomiting for months thing, eventually getting to where he wouldn’t put anything in his mouth.

Which brings us to today. I am trying to teach my almost two year old to take a paci. Talk about a “didn’t see that one coming” situation! Hopefully he will learn to love the paci again and learn to like to explore by putting things into his mouth. Our long term goal is to use it as a tool to help break his oral aversion.   My most immediate goal, though, is for him to use the paci to soothe his aching gums, instead of snapping his mouth shut like a little baby alligator or grinding his teeth. OH man! That grinding sound will give you chills. It’s worse than nails on a chalk board!

Wish us luck!